In Latin, Vox Scripta means "Voice, Written"

When you work with us, that’s precisely what you get

Imagine being able to check your email, fill out documents or surf the Web without lifting a finger. Whether you have a disability or you want to ride the wave of the future, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Dragon voice recognition software when you purchase it from Vox Scripta.

For both business and home, Dragon software is the latest and greatest voice recognition software that is easier to use than ever before. While you might find Dragon software cheaper elsewhere, you won’t find better customer case anywhere other than Vox Scripta in Belle Mead, NJ.

Ease and comfort on the tip of your tongue

Dragon software provides the most accurate speech recognition technology on the market. Simple and easy to use, Dragon comes with a host of features including a user interface that is less complicated, messages that are clearer, quicker setup, and faster word recognition.

We wouldn’t be able to pay bills if we just sold Dragon software. That’s why Vox Scripta offers a variety of other services along with the software, including:

  • Demos: We provide online demonstrations at no charge and onsite demos from our office! A $100 deposit is required for any onsite demo that lasts longer than 30 min. If you purchase Dragon, we give it back to you.
  • Training: What’s the point of buying voice recognition software if you don’t know how to use it? To help, we provide basic onsite and online training for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and the Dragon Medical Practice Edition.
  • Support: Free online, email and phone support is available forever, as long as it’s under 30 min, for anyone who’s purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro or Legal or Dragon Medical Practice Edition. If you bought Premium, paid support is available.
  • Customization: Vox Scripta spent two years learning how to program Dragon so we can customize your experience. Just show us your workflow, and we’ll probably be able to automate it for you. Of course, if your EHR (or other proprietary software) manufacturer was Not Cooperative in its choice of code, our options may be limited. We don’t believe in promising the moon when green cheese is all that’s possible.

Dragon is used in multiple applications including for the disabled, medical practices with 24 or fewer physicians, law firms, government offices and corporate offices. Enjoy the benefits of voice-recognition software from a company who will support you every step of the way.

We carry other items besides Dragon software

While Vox Scripta loves Dragon (we’ve been selling it for 15 years after all) we know not everyone appreciates writing without lifting a finger. That’s why we also offer digital recorders and microphones.

Control your computer with the sound of your voice by ordering Dragon from Vox Scripta today! We might not be the the cheapest on the Internet, but you won't get better service anywhere.