Database Use With Dragon

Many businesses and professions rely on databases to keep track of their clientele, orders, items of information, etc. Sometimes they use proprietary database applications - with which Dragon can often be made to work - but other times they want to organize specific data - contact information, for example, or codes - that don't really require an entire application, but do require some orderliness and ease of entry and retrieval.

That's where we can help. Using Access, data contained in databases can be entered and retrieved entirely by voice. Not only can you summon up a needed item of information in the middle of completing a document, but you can arrange to have the database updated by whatever new information you supply in completing your document. This is ideal for, say, probation officers who see the same person week after week: not only can the form be prepopulated with last week's information, but restitution records, for example, can be continually updated.

Information contained in the database can also be used to automate forms. For instance, if you're an insurance adjuster, the inventory list you enter into the database can be made to appear automatically in the dialog boxes you later use to enter the age, replacement value, and ACV for each item.

Take a look at the examples below and consider how much easier they could make your life. Don't be dissuaded by the fact that they refer to medical or legal implementations: a database is a database is a database, and whether the data consist of doctors' names, soil specimens, diagnostic codes, measurements, or inventory is immaterial. We can even database-ize your enemies' list if you'd like, or you can use it to keep track of your Swiss bank account numbers, website logins, or ex-wives' birthdays.

Referral Letter / Contacts Database

Most businesses have some need to write letters and either mail or fax them. Imagine being able to look up someone's name and have the letter autopopulate with the name and address.

Ever wish you had an easy way (without spending a fortune on a proprietary application) to keep track of the inventory you have? With this application, you can look up customers, manufactures, model numbers, expiration dates, or whatever other information you if stored easily and by voice.