Sometimes Dragon users feel that they’re just not getting the most they could out of Dragon. Maybe they never got training and just learned on their own, or maybe they did receive training, but didn’t take in (or can’t remember) all the things they learned.

Would you like a little help? For $40 you can get a half-hour of help from a Dragon expert – address all those nagging problems that aren’t bad enough to drive you away from Dragon but that you wish you knew how to avoid, or ask all the questions you’re pretty sure there are answers to except that you don’t know them.

We’ll connect with your computer for screen-sharing (so if your company doesn’t allow it, this won’t work for you), and the clock won’t start until we’re up and running.

Click the PayPal button above to submit payment, and fill in the boxes with your information. We’ll call or email you to set up a time. If you’re not sure yet whether this is something that would help you, give us a call at 866-359-7137 and we can discuss your situation.

We’d be delighted to help, and think you will be amazed to discover what Dragon can do when you know the tricks.