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DragonVet combines the amazing accuracy and speed of Dragon Medical Practice Edition with a language model expressly for veterinarians. In addition to all the "human" medical terms in Dragon Medical Practice Edition, it contains thousands of words unique to veterinary practice: acronyms, names of breeds,
animal-specific anatomical terms, and medications. Dictate right into your practice management software (Intravet, Cornerstone, Avimark, and many others), or into any Microsoft Office application..

Used to having your vet tech type into your EHR while you work with your patient? Isn't there something more useful he or she could be doing? With a wireless microphone, you can dictate hands-free. Or you can dictate after the patient visit concludes using a handheld or headset microphone. It's three times faster than typing, and often more accurate. And it is especially useful for radiologists, who can read films and dictate simultaneously. One radiologist who started using Dragon went from 30-40 readings a day to over a hundred!

Created by a veterinarian for veterinarians, DragonVet allows you to boost your productivity, create more comprehensive clinical notes that reflect the full patient story, and shorten your workday. Best of all, it allows to spend your time on what you do best: treating your patients, not completing paperwork.

Whether you deal with large or small animals - or both - DragonVet can help speed your workflow and eliminate or reduce the amount of typing needed. Specialties and subspecialties are included, as are radiological terms, infectious disease terms, drugs, animal breeds, anatomy, and acronyms.

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