VXI TalkPro USB 100 microphone - $88

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The full featured TalkPro USB incorporates two key technologies to achieve superior microphone performance: sophisticated noise canceling microphone proven to ensure higher speech recognition accuracy and VXI’s innovative, Digital Signal Processing technology which heightens audio performance by converting the headset's microphone signal from analog to digital, thereby providing a signal that is completely compatible within the computer's digital environment. (There you go - a two-fer.) Also features volume control, microphone mute, and quick disconnect so you can make a clean getaway when that knock on the door comes.


• Superior quality noise canceling microphone

• Easy to use: simple plug and play USB connection - even computer illiterati can make it work.

• All day wearing comfort - may end up going to bed with it still on.

• Flexible microphone boom stays in position

• Adjustable headband for great fit - perfect for swollen heads or pinheads.

• Swivel ear piece and soft cupped ear cushion. None of that cheap foam that pills all over the place.

• Left or right side microphone placement, depending on which way you're lying.

• Durable components for long headset life. (For all you "jam it in the briefcase" folks who labor under the delusion that you're going to work at home this weekend.)

• For Windows Vista, XP, Me, 2000, 98SE and Mac OS 9.1 and higher

• Also compatible with Cisco IP Communicator softphones. Two year unconditional warranty