Get documents done on the road

Professionals who are often on the road want to maximize on-the-go productivity so they can focus more time on clients and other strategic priorities that impact the bottom line. While documenting client interactions, writing correspondence and capturing detailed notes are important parts of the job, these tasks require professionals to spend long hours typing at their desks to keep up with paperwork. By using a mobile device to dictate detailed notes and documents of any length and immediately edit and format them as needed, busy (or even slackard) professionals can save steps to speed up document turnaround. To realize these productivity gains, however, they need powerful continuous dictation capabilities that can accurately recognize specific industry terms and voice shortcuts as well as the ability to seamlessly sync their customizations across all of their Dragon Group products to work more efficiently from any location – even the beach.

The mobile dictation solution for enterprises

Dragon Anywhere Group for iOS and Android offers an enterprise-ready solution to enable professional grade (as opposed to amateur-grade), cloud-based dictation for busy mobile professionals who want to work faster and smarter, or who just don’t like sitting at desks. Dictate and edit documents of any length quickly and accurately, and customize words and auto-texts that seamlessly sync with all your Dragon Group products. Use the Nuance Management Center (NMC) to set up and centrally manage accounts, words and auto-texts for your employees.


Enterprise-ready, professional grade, cloud-based dictation on mobile devices

Dictate continuously without time or length limits (gosh, that sounds exhausting) to create, edit, format, navigate and select text—all by voice. Create entire documents on your mobile device simply by talking, and see the results of your dictation or corrections immediately (talk about instant gratifications). Great for mobile professionals or field worker personnel often on the road, who need to take detailed notes or dictate documentation about their client or customer interactions, and want to be more productive anywhere their job takes them.

High recognition accuracy

Dragon Anywhere provides powerful features like automatic accent detection to deliver accurate recognition results right out of the gate—with no training required. And because you set up your own personal profile that continually adapts to your voice, words and corrections, you enjoy a personalized experience that gets even more accurate over time. Plus, because speech recognition occurs in the cloud, your experience improves over time—without requiring that you update the client. No upgrades to pay for!

Edit, format, select and navigate your text

Inline dictation commands enable fast correction, formatting, navigation and even photo insertion. Users can easily mix and match voice and keyboard interaction, depending on the most convenient mode, for flexibility and convenience.

Customize words

Dragon Anywhere Group allows you to customize words for accurate recognition of specific business terminology, company or industry acronyms, proper nouns or personal references every time. You can add words to your vocabulary at any time to achieve continually better results. These words are automatically synchronized to your account so they’re available on any of your Dragon Anywhere Group devices or on your Dragon Group desktop.

Shortcut steps with voice commands

Define simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive processes and improve your mobile productivity. For example, you can define custom text (also known as “auto-text”) or create custom forms or templates to speed and simplify document creation.

Synchronize with your desktop and across devices

Custom words and auto-texts are automatically synchronized with your Dragon Group desktop next time you log into the network so you can work seamlessly by voice anywhere you go. (Hate those seams.) Because you can create these customizations from Dragon Anywhere Group or from your Dragon desktop, you don’t have to worry about which device they’re on. Even if you have multiple mobile devices, you can dictate on any one of them provided you use your personal account to automatically sync all customizations. With Nuance Management Center (NMC), you can also easily sync up these customizations with colleagues in your organization.

Central management with Nuance Management Center (NMC)

Dragon Anywhere Group purchases automatically include NMC administration capabilities for managing these subscriptions. It sees all and knows all. Easily deploy and maintain Dragon Anywhere Group for multiple professionals in your organization, including centrally managing subscriptions, tracking usage, and automatically sharing customizations across devices and with colleagues in your organization. With the same NMC interface used to manage all Dragon Group products at the user, group, site or corporate-wide levels, save IT time and money to deploy, configure, maintain, manage, update, and support Dragon Group products in the enterprise, while making it seamless for your users.

Easy document management

Once your dictation is ready to be shared with your other devices or your colleagues, you can use your voice to send the document by email or save it to a cloud storage service. You can also import existing documents for further editing on your mobile device. You can:

- Email dictated text
- Share documents to cloud storage:
- Import documents from cloud storage
- Open in Word: Open your dictation in Word (if the Microsoft Word app is installed) and then save your document using Word
- Save your dictation to Evernote as a new note
- Copy and paste dictated text via OS functions

Easy to use

Dragon Anywhere Group provides an intuitive user experience and helpful resources to get you up and running quickly on your mobile device:

- Easy-to-use interface
- Comprehensive help and videos
- Audio signal quality indicator that provides immediate feedback
- Interface and command set similar to those of Dragon Group desktop

Volume discounts

As part of our open license program (OLP), benefit with multiple subscription purchases of
Dragon Anywhere Group for your organization and move into higher discount tiers quickly, based on lifetime cumulative purchases.