Plantronics Savi-440 USB Wireless Microphone - $265

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It has superior sound quality, stylish design, up to five comfortable wearing options and hands-free convenience via your USB port. (They say "stylish," we say downright edgy-looking.)


• Instant USB connectivity for easy compatibility - not with your spouse, just with your computer.

• High-quality carrying case for increased portability.

• One-touch call answer/end, vol+/-, mute and flash for simple call management.

• You can talk from up to 300 feet with no headset cables (that would make you standing in your front yard, wouldn't it?)

• Enjoy DECT™ technology that provides best-in-class audio while eliminating interference from Wi-Fi networks. Advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq technology provides high definition voice quality while a noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise interruptions, ensuring great audio quality and easing listener fatigue. (You might still have to deal with dictation fatigue on your own.)

• Software-enabled functionality enables a battery meter which conveniently displays headset battery life remaining in PC icon tray, and a headset control panel allows for customization of settings