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Upgrading from Professional 12, 13, and 14? Call to receive an upgrade for $200.

Upgrading from Legal 12, 13, and 14? Call to receive an upgrade for $150.

Upgrading from download Dragon Professional Individual 15? Call to receive an upgrade for $200

Legal-specific solution

Dragon Legal Individual is trained using more than 400 million words from legal documents to deliver optimal recognition accuracy for dictation of legal terms right from the start. This means that your dictation will not get all muddled up with terms that welders, massage therapists, or veterinarians use. To further increase speed and accuracy, you can create, import and share custom word lists that are relevant to your legal clients or format legal citations automatically. You can also have a third party, such as a support staff member, easily edit a dictation or transcription for you, thereby speeding document turnaround, freeing personnel to focus on higher-value tasks, and allowing you to feel like someone important enough to have minions.

Faster and more accurate than ever

Dragon Legal Individual, v15, expands the possibilities of speech recognition innovation with a next-generation speech engine. Dragon uniquely brings consistent, optimal accuracy to the PC with Deep Learning technology and adaptation techniques that continuously adjust your voice or environmental variations in while you're dictating. With the new engine, get optimal accuracy for speakers with accents or in slightly noisy environments (though we do not recommend dictating in a place where someone is jackhammering nearby). Achieve increasingly accurate results the more you use it. Personalized accuracy results when Dragon learns the words and phrases you use the most.

Use your voice to dictate documents or enter text anywhere you normally type

Dragon not only lets you dictate up to three times faster than typing, but it also allows you to make edits and apply formatting using your voice. Smart Format Rules automatically adapt to how you want abbreviations, dates, phone numbers, and more to appear, so you don't have to correct them every time. (You can use the Stupid Format Rules if you wish, but we cannot guarantee the results.) Use Dragon within the many popular business applications you use every day to create documents such as reports, emails, forms and notes.

Create custom words and vocabulary

Dragon easily learns acronyms, proper names and other unique or business-specific phrases that you frequently use so it captures your unique words the way you want. In addition, you can import and export your custom word lists. Thus, if you have added terms for creating dishes using truffles, or the names of your childhood friends that you plan to use in the memoir you are writing, your colleagues can have those, too.

Create custom voice commands for inserting frequently-used text and graphics

It's quick and easy to create custom voice commands to quickly insert text and graphics you use all the time. For instance, you can insert a standard reply, a signature block, a logo, a form template or other boilerplate content by speaking a simple command. You cannot create commands that will order up a latte for you.

Automate business processes with time-saving macros

Create macros to automate multi-step workflows or business processes by a simple voice commands. Replace the thousand mouse clicks you use to open an oft-used file with a single command, thus saving your carpal-tunnel-vulnerable hands for other things.

Transcribe recordings from audio files

Dragon can automatically transcribe the audio files from your digital voice recorder or smartphone with a newly streamlined set up. Because acoustic and language model adaptation are automatically leveraged for the current user, no special training is required. And if you have or purchase a Philips or Olympus recorder, you can use its software to automate the process entirely: just drop the recorder in the docking station and walk away.
You can also accurately transcribe another single speaker's voice from audio files or podcasts. No additional training is needed. This can save you untold hours of note-taking at continuing-add sessions.

Simplify proofreading with audio playback

Get Dragon to read your document to you aloud, and you can hear any errors in the text. That lets you put your feet up on the desk, drink coffee, and listen to classical music at the same time.

Sync with separate Dragon Anywhere mobile solution

Dragon Anywhere is a separate, cloud-based solution that provides continuous dictation capabilities, letting you create and edit documents of any length by voice directly on your smart phone. It adapts to your voice and terminology so you can dictate, edit, navigate and format quickly and accurately within your document, using your own customized words, shortcuts and commands, from anywhere, at anytime. You can share documents in sync custom words and commands with Dragon Legal Individual productivity wherever your job takes you. Of course, this means you may no longer use the excuse of being "out of the office" to explain your failure to complete necessary paperwork.

Choose your microphone option for freedom and flexibility

With automatic microphone detection, Dragon Legal Individual will show you which microphones are available for you to use. Customers Dragon let you use multiple audio devices within the same profile, you can easily switch to another microphone while keeping all your personalized preferences for accuracy and formatting. With many of the latest laptops, you can use the microphone built into the computer, or you can use wireless, Bluetooth, or desktop models.